Our Dog Friendly Restaurant

Cornwall is proudly and notoriously dog friendly. Nearly every beach on the north coast allows furry friends to roam free year round and many holiday homes, pubs and shops will allow your pooches in too.

We understand that leaving your dogs at home can feel like leaving behind a part of the family, and as dog lovers ourselves, we are happy to be part of dog-friendly Padstow. We’re happy for you to enjoy your meal, sip your wine and sink a pint or two with your furry friend at your side.

As long as you keep your dog on a lead, off the furniture and under control, you’re more than welcome to bring your dogs to Mussel Box.

However, please note that we need the application of common sense. Small dogs are no problem but turning up with 2 large Labradors fresh off the beach smelling is not going to go down well with other dinners. You may be asked to leave your dogs out side or we may cancel your reservation should we feel they are a disruption to other diners…Our decision is final.

Accepting dogs throughout the day is a trial and we reserve the right to change this policy with out notice.

IMPORTANT… If we are really busy, you may have to tie your dog up outside. Please feel free to ask a member of staff for a water bowl and a window seat though!