Staff Sea Life Safari Padstow

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Happy Staff group photo harbour

Staff Sealife Safari Trip



The team at Mussel Box work tremendously hard, and wherever possible we like to show how them much we appreciate this. We are lucky to employ a group of individuals who love what they do, enjoy coming in every day and work their socks off, so we decided to take our staff out on a trip that quickly turned unforgettable.


Previous staff outings have included sipping champagne on a cabin cruiser, diving, sailing, surfing and beach BBQ’s, but this time we fancied something a little different and closer to nature. As Dave, owner of Mussel Box, is a commercial boat skipper, we decided to make the most of his knowledge and skill set by taking one of the Padstow Sealife Safari boats for a spin and see what we could spot. We headed out of the safety of the estuary with nearly 30 knots in our hair and turned to our port (left, for you land lovers!) where we were instantly greeted by a pod of grey seals. These gorgeous mammals are more rare than red squirrels in the UK, so it was incredible to catch sight of them! They bobbed around curiously, watching us from a distance, before disappearing silently below the surface.


Still in awe of our first wildlife encounter, we sped off on a quick drive-by of the neighbouring three bays; Trevone, Harlyn and Mother Ivey’s, before stopping to admire the spectacular £5.5 million Padstow Lifeboat Station. Housed within is the “Spirit of Padstow”, an all-weather Tamar class boat, which deploys the crew to around 25 call outs a year, in all weathers, from fair to raging storms. The boat and it’s building were donated by the late Heather Allen, owner of Beefeater Gin. Cheers to that!


The brief moment of calm quickly passed as we turned and headed out to sea towards Gulland Island, which teems with birdlife. Guillemots, Razorbills, Cormorants and Shags went about their business, seemingly undisturbed by our presence, as we gazed.


Already two miles out to sea, we set off again at speed, taking us a further four miles towards the Irish coastline, where we were suddenly greeted by one fin… and then another. Before we knew it a whole pod of dolphins were playing around the boat – much to the delight of the Basement team. Shrills of excitement and wonderment echoed in the silence, heard by no one but us, as these awesome creatures frolicked below us for over half an hour. It was an absolute pleasure to watch these gorgeous animals gracefully gliding and playing in the water, and just as great to see how overwhelmed and happy our team were. The dolphins in Padstow Bay totally stole the show!


Upon our return, the staff were in high spirits. We sat sipping pints quayside, and everyone who had been on board stated they would highly recommend Ian’s business, Sealife Safaris, for seeing dolphins and other marine life in Padstow. Their boats are meticulously looked after with up to date sound equipment and brand new engines, and every member of staff is fully clued up on all things wildlife, from the stunning puffin down to the ‘Dustbin Lid’ sun fish, and of course – incredible dolphins!